Conferences – Events and integration party


We are ready to organise for you a corporate banquet and event as well as
active recreation.

Our offer has been expanded by additional attractions:

– integrational parties
– thematical evenings ( fancy dress balls) as PRL or Gambling & Prohibition.
– carnivals
– picknicks and outdoor parties
– paintball, ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles), survival and off-road
– knights battles
– looking for trerasure using metal detectors
– balloon flights
– parashuting in twos

and many, many others.

In cooperation with artistic agencies we can arrange cabaret, comedians, mime, entertainer, band performance. Under the program, we can offer
bartenders, academy wine-tasting wines from different parts of the world, such as Las Vegas evening, in the style of Spanish, Hawaiian, PRL,
picnic country and many others.
For outdoor events we offer our catering.


Wieczór japoński



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